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Undisputed leader in the high-end residential sector in the Montreal region, Benjamin Gagnon has risen to the top thanks to his dynamism and enthusiasm, but above all by the passion that motivates all his actions: EXCELLENCE.

Nearly a thousand transactions have earned him the recognition and loyalty of his clients, both buyers and sellers, who appreciate not only his dedication, integrity and loyalty, but above all his effectiveness in positioning their properties in favourable markets or his enlightened management in determining the best purchase price. See the profile

We sold our house very quickly thanks to Benjamin. He has been attentive and efficient.

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Dominique Roy

We thank you for the sale of our house it was a great pleasure to do the transaction with you, you are an extraordinary real estate agent and you knew how to advise us and guide us in our...

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Barbara Gagnier

Five words sum up Benjamin's personality: Professional, dynamic, efficient, available and attentive to the needs of his clients! Benjamin had promised a simple transaction that lived up t...

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Johan Tremblay
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